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Safe Caring Hearts

Safe Caring Hearts is the perfect solution for our special needs children, seniors, people with disabilities, acute or chronic illnesses, and others who are not ready to leave their home for a skilled nursing care facility but need care and support to live comfortably in their own home due to illness or immobility.

Home Nurse Making Bed

Our Mission

Safe Caring Hearts is committed to providing the highest level of quality in-home care, the most comprehensive selection of care and medical services, and the most cost-effective prices to our clients and their families.

Our Goal

Our goal at Safe Caring Hearts is to provide comprehensive care for our clients by creating and providing a tailored plan of care and services in conjunction with their individual physician's recommendations. We aim to make each client as happy, safe, secure, and comfortable as possible by treating them with the highest standard of care, all while maintaining each individual client's dignity, confidentiality, respect, autonomy, individual rights, safety, and spiritual and emotional well-being.

Patient and Nurse
Home Nurse Examining Patient

Our Values











Provide the highest level of quality care to our clients while assisting them in maintaining their functional and optimal quality of life within their own home.

Respect all of our clients' individual rights.

Ensure the safety and healthy of our clients and home health care workers by setting and enforcing the highest standard of care at all times.

Create a safe and happy environment in our clients' homes.

Provide superior customer service to all of our clients and employees.

Build and maintain strong relationships with our clients and the community.

Do the right thing for our clients and the community.

Give back to our clients and the community.

Provide training, education and encouragement of continual improvement in the home environment (workplace), and health and safety to our clients and employees.

Educate, train, and empower family members while taking care of their loved ones.

Our Team

Bernice Jitta (BJ)


Director, Nantucket Premiere Home Care Service

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